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Intellectual Property Due Diligence

The intellectual property of an innovative company may be its greatest asset, or one of its most alarming liabilities. Assessing the true strength and value of a company’s formal and informal intellectual property is critical to an understanding of that company’s position in the marketplace and its current and potential worth.


Intellectual property due diligence can be carried out on behalf of any interested parties during planning and negotiations for such activities as acquisitions, mergers, licensing, stock exchange listing, private investment, administration or insolvency.


Bioscience IP Limited provides a business-focused independent review of the intellectual property position of a target company. Such a review would include: a detailed investigation of the ownership, coverage and validity of registered rights and freedom to exploit those rights; assessment of procedures for invention capture and R&D strategy; and consideration of any litigation or infringement proceedings, taking into account the likely risks of future action or opportunities already missed.


Unlike large intellectual firms, who typically focus on prosecution of intellectual property registration, Bioscience IP Limited concentrates on consultancy and we can therefore offer the ideal independent report for your requirements. Our wealth of experience in exercises at every scale can give you confidence in the precision and accuracy of our reports. 

We would be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on +44 1625 263335 or use our contact form.

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