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Competitor Monitoring and Action Against Competitors

It is not enough for a company to rely on the protection of its own patents – it is critical to any business to keep an eye on the activities and plans of its competitors as well. By monitoring your competitors’ IP position you can shore up and develop your own intelligently and efficiently.

Timely discovery of competitors’ investment in intellectual property – whether looking at their new developments or the new marketplaces in which they are seeking protection – can protect your own R&D investment by avoiding spending in ring-fenced areas, or give you the opportunity for first refusal on exclusive licence agreements if you wish to develop or manufacture similar products.

Competitive intelligence is particularly crucial in crowded and developed technological sectors where the protection of incremental developments can be extremely lucrative. If you know what your competitors are doing you can tailor your patent strategy accordingly to avoid costly litigation proceedings against you and to prevent infringement of your rights by third parties.

We will identify and monitor the patent portfolios of competitors and can take action to challenge the validity of their rights if it is in a client’s interest to do so. We can also review competitor activity and advise on what options you may have to take action (e.g. on the basis of your own patent rights) to address unfair competition or unreasonable monopoly positions. 

Bioscience IP Limited does not provide litigation services but can assist by pursuing a number of remedies that can prevent third parties damaging or curtailing business interests. In the event that action is required before the courts we can introduce clients to expert litigators and provide litigation support.

Our experience in formal patent prosecution gives us the qualifications, skills and expertise needed to analyse a position in detail before advising on wider intellectual strategy: you in turn benefit from the wealth of our knowledge and our business focus without the overheads or agenda of a big “city” firm.


We would be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on +44 1625 263335 or use our contact form.

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