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What can we offer?

Bioscience IP provides life science businesses with the pragmatic no-nonsene IP advice you need to make the correct strategic decisions in connection with your own intellectual assets and also in connection with the rights of third parties. We work with you to gain an understanding of your commercial objectives and then ensure that you are using IP in such a way that it complements your vision.


How do we work?

Unlike traditional patent firms, Bioscience IP Limited provides a "one stop shop" consultancy service to life science / pharma / nutritional start-ups and SMEs, making use of a growing informal network of specialist advisors (nutrition sector, pharma regulatory affairs, specialist accountants, sector investors, lawyers, etc) to foster meaningful business relationships.


Our object is not the cross-selling of patent prosecution work, but rather the provision of services that genuinely support the life science / medical industry and related academia by focusing on whole-business strategy.


Our experience in prosecution gives us the qualifications, skills and expertise needed to analyse a position in detail before advising on wider intellectual strategy: you in turn benefit from the wealth of our knowledge and our business focus without the overheads or agenda of a big "city" firm.


What sets us apart?

•    Commercially-aware and sector-specific advice from a consultant who understands the bigger picture  
•    Guidance of an experienced Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney  
•    Highly competitive charging structures that suit your needs (hourly rate, fixed fee or consultancy agreements


Can we help you?

Contact us at or on +44 1625 263335. We look forward to talking to you.

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